SALH-LTA / Type A (Liquid)


SALH-LTA / Type A (Liquid)

Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Type A (SALH-LTA) is a solution of excellent quality, manufactured from a raw material rich in aluminum (free of iron) and sulfuric acid, through a controlled process that guarantees its quality. Excellent results are obtained with the SALH-LTA when it is used in the clarification of water for human consumption and in the treatment of effluents from industry in general; especially in the removal of phosphorus, when it is in the form of orthophosphate.

Guaranteed Specifications

Appearance Transparent Liquid / Light Amber
% Al2O3 8.0 Min.
% Fe2O3 0.03 Max.
% Insoluble 0.02 Max.
% Basicity (free Al2O3) <0.30
Density g/cm3 1.325 Min.
pH (direct) 1.8 - 2.4

Dosing / Dissolution

Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Type A (SALH-LTA) can be dosed directly from the storage tank. For transferring and dosing, it is appropriate to use a pump whose parts in contact with the product are made of corrosion-resistant material.

Technical Data

  • Solubility in water: Miscible in all proportions.
  • Boiling T: 101ºC
  • Viscosity (cp): 13.2 at 25ºC / 9.4 at 40ºC
    • Presentation: It can be delivered in tanks or containers with a capacity of 1000 Lts.


    Metals of Toxicological Concern

    In regard to impurities, the Venezuelan Standard COVENIN 1350-2006 establishes the following: "Aluminum sulfate should not contribute more than 10% of the maximum value allowed in the current national health standards for drinking water quality". Thus, for a maximum dose of 150 mg/liter of aluminum sulfate, there are the specifications shown in the following table vs. the typical values of the impurities in the product.

    Metal 10% of the Norm (mg/l) Typical Values (mg/kg) Specification
    Antimony 0.0006 <0.02 4
    Arsenic 0.001 2.2 7
    Barium 0.07 <0.02 467
    Beryllium 0.0003 <0.02 3
    Cadmium 0.005 <0.02 2
    Chromium 0.005 <0.02 33
    Copper 2 <0.02 13333
    Lead 0.001 <0.02 7
    Mercury 0.0001 <0.02 1
    Selenium 0.001 <0.02 7
    Thallium 0.0002 <0.02 1

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