SALH-L / Type A (Liquid)


SALH-L / Type A (Liquid)

Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Type A (SALH-L) is a solution of excellent quality, which has its main use in the manufacture of paper. It is manufactured from a raw material rich in aluminum (iron-free) and sulfuric acid, through a controlled process that guarantees its quality.

Guaranteed Specifications

Appearance Transparent Liquid / Light Amber
% Al2O3 8.0 Min.
% Fe2O3 0.03 Max.
% Insoluble 0.02 Max.
% Basicity (free H2SO4) <0.30
Density g/cm3 1.325 Min.
pH (direct) 1.0 - 2.0

Dosing / Dissolution

Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Type A (SALH-L) can be dosed directly from the storage tank. For the manufacture of paper more dilute solutions are easily prepared due to the high miscibility of the product in water. For transferring and dosing it is appropriate to use a pump whose parts in contact with the product are made of corrosion-resistant material.

Technical Data

  • Solubility in Water: Miscible in all proportions.
  • Boiling T: 101ºC
  • Viscosity (cp): 13.2 at 25°C / 9.5 at 40ºC
    • Presentation: It can be delivered in tanks or containers with a capacity of 1000 Lts.


    Metals of Toxicological Concern

    In regard to impurities, the Venezuelan Standard COVENIN 1350-2006 establishes the following: "Aluminum sulfate should not contribute more than 10% of the maximum value allowed in the current national health standards for drinking water quality". Thus, for a maximum dose of 150 mg/liter of aluminum sulfate, there are the specifications shown in the following table vs the typical values of the impurities in the product.

    Metal 10% of the Norm (mg/l) Typical Values (mg/kg) Specification
    Antimony 0.0006 <0.02 4
    Arsenic 0.001 2.2 7
    Barium 0.07 <0.02 467
    Beryllium 0.0003 <0.02 3
    Cadmium 0.005 <0.02 2
    Chromium 0.005 <0.02 33
    Copper 2 <0.02 13333
    Lead 0.001 <0.02 7
    Mercury 0.0001 <0.02 1
    Selenium 0.001 <0.02 7
    Thallium 0.0002 <0.02 1

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