SALH / Type A (Granulated)


SALH / Type A (Granulated)

Aluminum Sulfate type A is an inorganic salt with the molecular formula Al₂(SO4)3 14.3H20. It is used as a coagulant/flocculant in wastewater treatment and for human consumption. In the acid process of paper manufacturing, it is used to precipitate rosin and maintain a suitable pH. In both fields, water treatment and papermaking, optimal results are achieved at a very low cost. Furthermore, our product complies with international standards for chemical products used in water treatment ANSI/AWWA B 403-09 and NSF.

Guaranteed Specifications

Appearance White Solid / Slightly Amber
% Al2O3 17.0 Min.
% Fe2O3 0.20 Max.
% Insoluble 0.5 Max.
% H2O 43 Max
% Basicity (free Al₂O3) <0.60
pH (1%) 3.0 - 3.8
% Through sieve 4.76mm 100
% Through sieve 2.00mm ≥ 90

Dosing / Dissolution

Aluminum Sulfate (SALH) type A is a salt that is easily soluble in water, solutions with concentrations of solid sulfate up to 55% can be prepared. For water treatment, it is suggested that the concentration does not exceed 5% of solid aluminum sulfate, in order to achieve a good dissolution rate. The residence time in the tank where the material is dissolved must not be less than 2.5 min. The maximum dose is 150 mg/L and residual aluminum in drinking water should not exceed 0.2 mg/L.

Technical Data

  • It refers to 10% of the maximum value allowed in drinking water.
  • Typical values in aluminum sulfate SALH.
  • Maximum value allowed in the product according to the specification of 150 mg/liter.
    • Presentation: It is transported in polypropylene bags of 25 or 50Kg. At the request of the client, it can be sent in big bags of 1000 kg.


    Metals of Toxicological Concern

    In regard to impurities, the Venezuelan Standard COVENIN 1350-2006 establishes the following: "Aluminum sulfate should not contribute more than 10% of the maximum value allowed in the current national health standards for drinking water quality". Thus, for a maximum dose of 150 mg/liter of aluminum sulfate, there are the specifications shown in the following table vs. the typical values of the impurities in the product.

    Metal 10% of the Norm (mg/l) Typical Values Specification
    Antimony 0.0006 0.02 4
    Arsenic 0.001 2.8 6.67
    Barium 0.07 0.3 466.67
    Beryllium 0.0004 0.02 2.67
    Cadmium 0.0003 0.02 2
    Chromium 0.005 0.02 33.33
    Copper 2 0.02 13,333.33
    Lead 0.001 0.02 6.67
    Mercury 0.0001 0.02 0.67
    Selenium 0.001 0.02 6.67
    Thallium 0.0002 0.02 1.33

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